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Shock Wave

Many big historical events have their origins in something small, perhaps even insignificant at the time. Someone says or does something that ultimately leads to great change, often catastrophic. Yet at the time it is said or done, no one could possibly imagine that this tiny spark would eventually grow into a raging fire. History is filled with sparks and fires and we seem to insist on repeating them over and over again. But what if history could be changed? What if one could go back to that fateful day in 1914 and prevent the assassination of the Archduke in Sarajevo? If the First World War never happened, would there be no Hitler coming to power and no Second World War? And without that war what would America and the world be today? At one time or another we have all wondered about such things. They are flights of fancy that make for a stimulating discussion, but it will never happen. We know how history unfolded and all the causes and effects are known and established. The past is set and if anyone wants to worry about something, let it be the sparks we set off in the present as they will shape the future.

And yet, what if one spark happened so long ago that it has long vanished from the collective consciousness and even historical records? What if it’s just been sitting there, waiting for the right moment to ignite the biggest fire of them all?

The point of ignition is the Caribbean. Its tranquil blue waters are blackened when Cuba test-detonates an atomic bomb and sets in motion a cascade of ever worsening global disasters that threaten the very existence of Earth. The world is coming apart, literally, and the authorities and scientists are helpless in the face of it and can’t explain the strange time distortions that are ripping the fabric of reality to shreds. The catastrophe is unstoppable and most people on Earth panic, desperately seeking a safe haven that doesn’t exist. Deep sea diver Scott DeSantis is not the panicking type and he will do whatever it takes to save his wife Linda and their children. But when his children are caught in a time distortion and vanish, Scott’s only hope to get them back is Linda who seems to have a surprisingly in-depth knowledge about the nature of these events, which begins a dangerous journey whose outcome is anything but certain. Scott discovers that Linda has a secret she has never revealed to anyone, for good reason. All she ever wanted was to forget the past and live a normal life, and for a while it looked like she had it made. She has a good job, married Scott, had two beautiful children, and no one knew her secret. Almost no one, because no matter how fast and far you run, the past will find a way to catch up. And while the world’s population is helpless in preventing the destruction of the planet, Linda sees it as history repeating itself.

The incredible secret Linda has managed to keep for so many years is all about her origins and how she got here. There are over seven billion people on Earth and all have been born within the last four generations, all but three people: Linda, her friend John Banks and a man who they thought and hoped was long dead, Martin Black. They escaped the destruction of their hometown five millennia ago through a time machine called the Vortex, a secret device of alien origin. But like so many secrets, the Vortex will not remain buried forever and if Martin Black succeeds with his plan, the world and history itself will forever be changed unless Scott and Linda can stop him. With the odds profoundly against them, Scott and Linda must fight ancient armies, a nuclear holocaust and even time itself to save the future and what is most dear to them.

The deciding battle for the future of the world will be fought five thousand years in the past in a place called… Atlantis.