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The truth is a lie. Honesty is rebellion. Privacy is deception. Conformity is salvation.

Those are the four pillars of Karras’ world and today they hold up an empire that was founded in blood and death and is maintained by the continuous garroting of the human spirit.

Martin Black, formerly Karras of the Atlantian Senate and now calling himself Martin Schwartz, did it. His escape into the future just a hair’s breath ahead of the destruction of Atlantis allowed him to finally fulfill his life-long ambition. His extensive knowledge of the future made it relatively easy for him to manipulate the original time line and turn global events in his favor. World War II still happened, but this time in a totally different way and with a far more sinister outcome. Most of the world is now under Martin’s control and unlike his predecessors who also sought world domination, his approach to controlling mankind is far more subtle and a great deal more dangerous.

Martin Schwartz knows human nature only too well. He knows how to steer and manipulate people and it’s only logical that he uses the media to further his agendas. Political Correctness (PoCo), enforced conformity and “right thinking” have been elevated to virtues that have slowly and almost imperceptibly crushed individuality and freedom of thought and action. The public forums of main stream media and social media have become his most effective means of influencing people and their immediacy and total permeation of everyday life have become the new courtroom of the nation as well as its most effective public executioner. Under the guise of a “new transparency” along with the highly invasive “Safe World” surveillance apparatus that watches everyone everywhere, people have been lulled into a false sense of security, convinced that they are living in a better world and they are grateful for it.

It is into this alternate 21st century world that Linda and Scott have been thrown by the Vortex when they escaped Atlantis. And while the world looks familiar to them, the future is not what it used to be. Nothing and no one is what it seems. They are strangers in a dangerous land, created by Martin Schwartz who has waited for their arrival for decades. And for good reason. Linda has the Book of Vallora and it’s an essential part of Martin’s grand plan to assure him world domination forever. In no time Linda and Scott are declared the most wanted people on Earth, hunted by every security officer in America with orders to kill them and capture the Book of Vallora.

The Book, written by the Goddess Vallora after she escaped from her home world, holds all the secrets of the power of the crystals which allowed her to create Atlantis on Earth, including a way to use the crystals to build a weapon so powerful and undefeatable that whoever controls it will control the planet. Martin Schwartz will do anything to get his hands on it, especially since the Book also shows a way to undo the damage wrought by the Vortex and return time to its original state. For Linda and Scott it’s the last chance to get home… if they can stay alive. Help comes from a most unexpected source and it pushes Linda’s beliefs and faith to the breaking point. It’s impossible to know who can be trusted or who will betray them and one false move will get them killed. It’s a perilous journey that will take them right back to where it all began. The race is on and whoever can use the power of the Book of Vallora first will determine the fate of the world forever.

The final battle for the future of mankind will once more be fought in a place called… Atlantis.