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  1. Thrilling, well-crafted, and full of heart, this is a time travel/science fiction done right…

    Louisoder takes readers on a rollicking time travel adventure in this intelligent and satisfying blend of classic science fiction and historical reconstruction. The deeply fascinating first book starts with Cuba detonating an atomic bomb in the Caribbean, an event that triggers an ever-worsening series of global disasters, threatening to bring the world apart. Linda Garrett, a nuclear physicist and a single mother, must join hands with her ex-husband Scott DeSantis and travel back to 5000 years in time to her birth place, the city of Atlantis, to save the world from falling apart. In the nerve-wracking second installment, Linda and Scott manage to save the world from the malevolent, deeply twisted villain and Karras of the Atlantian Senate Martin Black’s hands and are back in twenty-first century, but the world has changed: Martin Black is Martin Schwartz now and the undisputed leader of a new world order. To get their old life back, the couple must face the vicious villain once again. Louisoder’s prose is vividly evocative, and his insights into the fears and insecurities that drive his characters are sharp and satisfying. Readers will marvel at Louisoder’s inventiveness as he skillfully explores both the issues of family ties, marriage, and sibling bonds and the connection between advanced technology and climatic catastrophes, weaving pressing ethical questions into an emotionally moving, exhilarating time-travel adventure. The reader will barely pause for breath while reading this thrill ride. This is a must-read for fans of science fiction and time travel.

  2. I just finished the second book. It is a great read. I couldn’t put it down. You get so involved in the characters that you have to know what happens to them. The story is both provocative and alarming and even though it is a time travel fantasy and alternative history, it draws disturbing parallels to today’s society. You find out more about Linda’s past such as how does a woman born 5,000 years ago in Atlantis end up in 21st century Florida. Even the minor characters (such as Rose and Ernesto) are memorable and important to the story. You learn more about Vallora. Where does she come from and why did she create Atlantis? This is a multi-layered story with plenty of action, unforgettable characters and unexpected twists. I highly recommend it.

  3. Just finished the second book- Wow! Page turning good story. A frightening fantasy parallel to much of what is happening in the country today. A very compelling read.

  4. Great story, great story-telling, great description and fleshing out of characters and locations. I was there, I could see it in my imagination as I turned each page. I didn’t want to put the book down and when I was done reading it I was left longing for more. This one has it all and like any great book it will make your imagination go wild. Heck, you’ll even learn a thing or two. I’m proclaiming to everyone that this would make an incredible blockbuster film. Looking forward to more works by this author.

  5. I loved this book and the truth be said I just could not put it down. It is so well written, witty and funny but always thoroughly gripping. The author managed to weave together a fast moving thriller with the phantasy genre that is routed in myth and history. We are never bored by outer worldly creatures or such things but no, on the contrary we are thrilled to learn about ancient Atlantis, the interloping glimpses of long periods past on earth or indeed the future of our planet created by the shock waves. The environment in which the protagonists move changes in front of our eyes constantly. The book never lets you down because just when you are prepared to settle for a possible outcome of the story there is another unexpected twist and your view of the future that you never dreamt off.. Well done Florian and I hope somebody will snap your book up soon for a movie!

  6. A blast! Shockwave would make one heck of an adventure movie. No spoilers here, but at the end you know the ride’s not over. Will definately read this one again.

  7. This book is an E-ticket ride. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A very unique take on the Atlantis myth. I want to know more.

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