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  1. Readers’ Favorite Book Review – SHOCK WAVE 2 – The Book of Vallora

    Reviewed By: Saifunnissa Hassam
    Review Rating: 5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review!

    Florian Louisoder’s action novel Shock Wave 2: The Book of Vallora is a riveting science fiction story of time travel and alternate history. Linda DeSantis, the principal character, is originally from Atlantis. She escapes from the destruction of Atlantis 5,000 years in the past in the Vortex, a time travel device. She now lives in modern-day Florida. When the world faces Armageddon in the 21st century, Linda returns to Atlantis to confront another time traveler from Atlantis, Karras, who is determined to control the world. In Shock Wave 2, Linda and her ex-husband Scott return to Miami from Atlantis. They find themselves in an alternate 21st century in which the US is ruled by the Nazis. Linda has in her possession The Book of Vallora from Atlantis. Karras believes the book is vital to consolidating his control of the world. The tension and suspense are palpable as Linda and Scott flee from their nemesis.

    I was hooked from the start by Florian Louisoder’s action novel Shock Wave 2 and its extraordinary characters and alternate history storyline. I liked the way themes of marriage, family life, freedom, power, and tyranny are worked into the story through the lens of remarkable and formidable characters. I particularly liked the character development of Linda DeSantis, the principal character. She has unflinching courage and an incredible will to survive. Linda knows she must return to Atlantis to change the world to its actual timeline. I felt the story gained a great deal of depth by including Linda’s ex-husband, Scott DeSantis, as a major character. Their family life, their love for each other, and their children make for a powerful contrast to the family life and society in the Nazi US. I felt the minor characters evoked the struggle between freedom and tyranny vividly. I think the world-building of ancient Atlantis was very imaginative and well-crafted. Karras of Atlantis changed the modern timeline, showing utter ruthlessness and greed for absolute power. A compelling and thought-provoking science fiction story of gritty characters and a terrifying alternate history.

  2. Reader’s Favorite Book Review – SHOCK WAVE

    Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

    Shock Wave by Florian Louisoder is a fascinating tale that will appeal to fans of time travel, science fiction, and historical novels. When Cuba detonates an atomic bomb in the Caribbean, the world that is already experiencing many disasters spirals into a worsening global crisis. Scott DeSantis learns about the Cuban sinister plan while on a mission to fix a wellhead and prepare it for the installation of a blowout prevention system; he is five hundred feet below the Gulf of Mexico. He knows he must save his children and ex-wife, Linda, a nuclear physicist working with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. What Scott doesn’t know is that his beautiful Linda isn’t the person he has known her to be. In order to fix the worsening crisis, Linda has to travel five thousand years into the past and to Atlantis, precisely. Linda must confront the person who once destroyed the world, otherwise, history will repeat itself. Follow the characters on this epic journey to confront Linda’s nemesis, fight the most crucial battles of their life, but can they succeed and come back to the twenty-first-century that they left behind?

    A work of great imagination, Shock Wave is an enthralling story told by a master storyteller. The prose is excellent, flowing gracefully, and enriched by vivid descriptions. The portrait of Atlantis is vivid and readers will enjoy not only the impeccable world-building but the ingenuity with which Florian Louisoder writes the conflict. The narrative starts with a powerful premise and the twists are manifold, intelligently and cunningly written into the plot. One can’t guess the direction the story takes, and even after Atlantis, there are surprises in the world that awaits the characters in the twenty-first century. Florian Louisoder writes themes of marriage, love, family, the quest for power and its consequences in a masterful way. Readers will marvel at the intriguing plot points, the narrative charm, and the beguiling world-building of this story. It is a first-rate science fiction novel.

  3. “This dystopian alternate timeline makes an excellent setup for this sophomore installment. The horrific depiction of the new world order is spine-chilling, particularly given the recent rise in authoritarianism and unrest across the globe. Tweaking ideas from literary figures like Orwell and wrapping in historical legends like Nostradamus, this book is a wild ride through time rifts and unexpectedly rewritten history. This second book expands in every direction, boasting a complex plot, three-dimensional characters, rapid-fire dialogue, and the classic fuel of good vs ultimate evil.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

  4. “The world-building of Atlantis is impressive, as are the many historical references and asides tossed into the prose, which add authenticity and help readers fully immerse in the story. The premise of this story may initially seem fanciful, but there are serious themes and ideas addressed by these characters as they fight to find their way back to the future. The story itself is riveting and wide-ranging, with all the classic elements one could hope to find: advanced technology, sinister schemes, time-travel adventures, romance, global conspiracies, and a ticking clock that inherently provides suspense.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

  5. “We see time as this big thing that spans eternity and we forget to appreciate and value the moment.”
    In this second book in the author’s series, time travelers Scott and Linda DeSantis return from Atlantis to their own time; however, the world they find is a much different place than the one they left. History has rendered an alternate reality in which America, defeated by Germany in the Second World War, is now a totalitarian nation. Technology is used to keep watch and exert control over the American public. For Scott and Linda, this new world in which they have arrived, one in which their own children are unrecognizable to them, is one of danger. They are immediately hunted by old enemies who are now in power and find themselves trying to escape to safety, all while being under surveillance by this new and frightening government. The two have one goal: to stay alive long enough for the secrets held in the Book of Vallora to lead them back to their real home.

    This continuation of a time travel story is an action-packed romp in which the protagonists are constantly on the run from a totalitarian state which has the technical capabilities to follow them in real time. Louisoder’s second offering is a sci-fi thriller that will keep readers engaged as the heroes work to return the world back to what they remember. Using the character of Rose, a history teacher, the author presents an alternative history of America after having lost World War II. This fascinating imagining of a much different world lends itself to the philosophical aspect of the book in which one is to imagine how easily a single act could change the path of the future. This is a fascinating read for those who enjoy books that push the bounds of reality.

  6. “It wasn’t the future that took root in our present that day, it was the past…”
    Forty-year-old deep-sea diver Scott DeSantis is en route to repair a problem with a wellhead deep in the Gulf of Mexico when he hears on the radio that Cuba is planning an underwater detonation of an atomic bomb. Scott’s ex-wife, Linda, a nuclear physicist for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, is taxed with accessing the fallout from the incident. Suddenly, Linda is thrown into an encounter with an old nemesis, and Scott discovers that the woman to whom he was once married, the mother of his two children, is not the person he thought her to be. Linda finds that the incident has opened a vortex which she thought had long been closed, and she and Scott must travel far into a past with which Linda is very familiar in order to save their children from being caught in a time warp from which they may never return. Their lives are now on a trajectory that will change the world forever.

    Louisoder has written an intriguing piece of science fiction based on time travel. He incorporates the legend of Atlantis by having one of his main characters be an inhabitant of the city who must return to close the vortex opened by the novel’s antagonist. The descriptions of Atlantis are fascinating, as told through the character of Linda, and much of the book takes place in the fabled city. Along with the struggle between good and evil is the philosophical question of how one would change the past, if allowed, in order to produce a better future. This is a very entertaining read with some surprising elements woven into the narrative. It is a must for anyone interested in stories of time travel or the legend of Atlantis.

  7. Thrilling, well-crafted, and full of heart, this is a time travel/science fiction done right…

    Louisoder takes readers on a rollicking time travel adventure in this intelligent and satisfying blend of classic science fiction and historical reconstruction. The deeply fascinating first book starts with Cuba detonating an atomic bomb in the Caribbean, an event that triggers an ever-worsening series of global disasters, threatening to bring the world apart. Linda Garrett, a nuclear physicist and a single mother, must join hands with her ex-husband Scott DeSantis and travel back to 5000 years in time to her birth place, the city of Atlantis, to save the world from falling apart. In the nerve-wracking second installment, Linda and Scott manage to save the world from the malevolent, deeply twisted villain and Karras of the Atlantian Senate Martin Black’s hands and are back in twenty-first century, but the world has changed: Martin Black is Martin Schwartz now and the undisputed leader of a new world order. To get their old life back, the couple must face the vicious villain once again. Louisoder’s prose is vividly evocative, and his insights into the fears and insecurities that drive his characters are sharp and satisfying. Readers will marvel at Louisoder’s inventiveness as he skillfully explores both the issues of family ties, marriage, and sibling bonds and the connection between advanced technology and climatic catastrophes, weaving pressing ethical questions into an emotionally moving, exhilarating time-travel adventure. The reader will barely pause for breath while reading this thrill ride. This is a must-read for fans of science fiction and time travel.

  8. I just finished the second book. It is a great read. I couldn’t put it down. You get so involved in the characters that you have to know what happens to them. The story is both provocative and alarming and even though it is a time travel fantasy and alternative history, it draws disturbing parallels to today’s society. You find out more about Linda’s past such as how does a woman born 5,000 years ago in Atlantis end up in 21st century Florida. Even the minor characters (such as Rose and Ernesto) are memorable and important to the story. You learn more about Vallora. Where does she come from and why did she create Atlantis? This is a multi-layered story with plenty of action, unforgettable characters and unexpected twists. I highly recommend it.

  9. Just finished the second book- Wow! Page turning good story. A frightening fantasy parallel to much of what is happening in the country today. A very compelling read.

  10. Great story, great story-telling, great description and fleshing out of characters and locations. I was there, I could see it in my imagination as I turned each page. I didn’t want to put the book down and when I was done reading it I was left longing for more. This one has it all and like any great book it will make your imagination go wild. Heck, you’ll even learn a thing or two. I’m proclaiming to everyone that this would make an incredible blockbuster film. Looking forward to more works by this author.

  11. I loved this book and the truth be said I just could not put it down. It is so well written, witty and funny but always thoroughly gripping. The author managed to weave together a fast moving thriller with the phantasy genre that is routed in myth and history. We are never bored by outer worldly creatures or such things but no, on the contrary we are thrilled to learn about ancient Atlantis, the interloping glimpses of long periods past on earth or indeed the future of our planet created by the shock waves. The environment in which the protagonists move changes in front of our eyes constantly. The book never lets you down because just when you are prepared to settle for a possible outcome of the story there is another unexpected twist and your view of the future that you never dreamt off.. Well done Florian and I hope somebody will snap your book up soon for a movie!

  12. A blast! Shockwave would make one heck of an adventure movie. No spoilers here, but at the end you know the ride’s not over. Will definately read this one again.

  13. This book is an E-ticket ride. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A very unique take on the Atlantis myth. I want to know more.

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